4 good ways to find new Notary customers

By David Thun on January 9, 2023, Assistant Managing Editor of the National Notary Association.

It can be tough to find customers for your Notary business in today’s challenging economy. We asked Notaries on Facebook about the best ways to find new signers and expand their customer base. They recommended the four approaches below:

  1. Advertise through word of mouth
  2. Referrals from current customers
  3. Offer discounts to signers
  4. Always answer phone calls for Notary services 

1. Advertise through word of mouth

Many Notaries agreed that getting the word out in your community is one of the best ways to find new customers. If someone needs a notarization but isn’t sure where to go, word of mouth about your business can be key to getting signers to come to you first.

“I opened a small coffee shop and one of the first things I did was become a Notary and put a sign in the window,” said Monica Lynn Nava. She also let her neighbors and local banks know that she was available for Notary services, which she said helped her business a lot.

Posting your business information online and through social media is another good way to get business, but you don’t have to stop there. Simone Tackett left business cards in books on the shelf at her local public library (“It’s different, but it has brought me a lot of business,” she said) while others display license plate covers or car magnets advertising Notary services. “I connected with a lot of neighbors this way and two are attorneys,” said Notary Phil Wilson.

2. Referrals from current customers

Other Notaries said that providing a good customer experience is always important because those customers in turn will refer other people to your business. In fact, Alexis Ronieshia Thrash said that most of her new clients come from referrals from repeat customers.

So how do you get those referrals? Coryna Magana recommends Notaries keep up with continuing education about their duties and build a good rapport with signers during assignments. Phil Wilson added that attorneys and real estate professionals are a great source of referrals once you show them you can provide quality Notary services. 

3. Offer discounts to signers 

A simple way to build a good reputation for your Notary business discounts for new customers. Frank Quezada said that he regularly offers discounts or free notarizations for older signers, and they frequently refer him to add new customers. “Give a little, and you get a little,” he said.

4. Always answer phone requests for Notary services

Finally, Notaries said it’s important you answer every phone call requesting your Notary services — if you don’t reply, new customers won’t come back. “I always answer the phone or call back right away if I have missed the call,” said Martina Tasevska.

If you can’t get to the phone because you’re in the middle of another assignment, be sure to let other customers know, said Linda K. Evans. “I have my business connected to Apple Watch, then I don’t miss calls and they get a message that I’m with a client,” she said.

Have you tried other ways to find new Notary customers? Share your tips and stories in the comments section below.

David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor of the National Notary Association.

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