The One Question

What guides CTFO and all of our future plans? It really comes down to one simple question backed by our company values: How can we continue to get better so you can be more successful?

Simple yet perfectly focused on us constantly improving as a company and doing it for YOU. That improvement comes in the form of great products that contain the most cutting-edge formulas. Sleep All Night is a great example of that because of how we combined natural sleep ingredients with the power of 10xPURETM and CBDa. It’s unlike any sleep product on the market. Asking the question, “How can we take CBD to a whole new level of effectiveness and really harness the power of CBDa?”

That led to 10xPURETM and our unmatched 10xPURETM product line that provides significantly greater absorption and bioavailability than other products on the market. We ask, “How can we get better at giving you more tools to be successful?”  

This resulted in the form of free, beautifully designed landing pages for our most popular products and a product sampling system, with best-in-class products, and a website that makes it simple for your prospects to learn about our sample products. Or how about how every week is full of webinars featuring Stu, Steve, David, and Evelyn training you and your team on our products and how to achieve success (however one defines it) at CTFO? The best part of all of this is that question, “How can we continue to get better so you can be more successful?”  is on our minds every day.

Just IMAGINE what they will bring in the future … the new products, the new tools, the new ways of rewarding you more than ever before.

The future is so bright at CTFO!

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