As COVID Variants Rise, CTFO continues to help

When COVID started affecting people’s lives, CTFO announced on March 20th, 2020, that they wanted to help. With the importance of having a robust immune system, they combined two of their most potent products, 10xPURE Ultimate Vitamin and Super7, into the Immune Essentials Combo Pack and offered a special limited-time 40% discount. Well, that offer is still available today. And you can save up to an additional 25% when on SmartShip. And if placed on SmartShip, you are locked in on these spectacular SAVINGS for LIFE.

Pay Less. Expect More

While CTFO has a fantastic variety of health & wellness products, the Immune Essentials Combo Pack should be the foundation for EVERYONE and everyone’s SmartShip.

SAVE $40 (40% OFF)

Watch the videos below if you too want to hear how these two products will keep your immune system at its optimal level.

3 Minute 29 Second 10xPure Ultimate Vitamins

3 Minute 10 Second Delicious Super7

CLICK HERE to Pay Less – Immune Essentials Combo Pack

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