You can Sleep All Night GUARANTEED is Available to order & ship

Sleep All Night 😴

Naturopathic Doctor Formulates the Perfect Sleep Aid

You’ve Never Woken Up This Energized…Ever.

SLEEP ALL NIGHT is an advanced sleep formula made up of 10, synergistic, fast-acting ingredients that are designed to relax your brain and body and prepare your mind for an awesome night of restful sleep. Formulated by a Naturopathic Doctor, select clinically researched and evidence-based sleep enhancers take over for the next 7 hours to keep you in your ideal sleep cycle.

While you’re restfully sleeping, your system is repairing your brain and body circuitry, working to bring you back to full capacity. Deep sleep is a critical time for physical restoration and lack of sleep can harm mental and physical health. Sadly, most people will not even notice the decline until the damage is done. Science, has linked poor sleep with a number of serious health problems such as high blood pressure and even strokes. Nagging problems include a weakening immune system, obesity, and a lower sex drive.

“Not being able to sleep affects every part of a person’s life, and not in a good way!

Lack of sleep impairs your daytime performance and enjoyment of life.”

Robban Sica M.D., Integrative Practice of Natural & Alternative Medicine

Answer 3 Questions About Quality of Sleep:

  1. Do you have trouble getting to sleep?
  2. Do you wake up and can’t get back to sleep?
  3. Do you wake up earlier than planned and suffer the rest of the day?

SLEEP ALL NIGHT Addresses All Forms of Sleep Struggles and Insomnia

Phase 1: 10 synergistic, fast-acting nutrients calm your mind and your body (central nervous system) preparing you for restful sleep.

Phase 2: Immediate-release melatonin helps induce sleep and boosts overnight growth hormone production for tissue repair.

Phase 3: MicroActive® Extended-release melatonin (reported to last 7 hours plus) supports even and uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

SLEEP ALL NIGHT helps initiate and complete your sleep cycle! You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go so you can be the best version of yourself, every day!

“SLEEP ALL NIGHT is for the person who wants a FULL night of quality sleep. 1/3 of adult Americans experience difficulty with sleep, robbing them of productivity and increasing their risk of hypertension and mood disorders.”

Research & Evidence-Supported Ingredients

We start with a group of research and evidence-supported non-habit-forming natural ingredients that promote deep, restful sleep.

We included L-Theanine, GABA, Sensoril® Ashwagandha, and Magnesium, as well as a proprietary blend of 3 medicinal plants and Vitamin B6 shown in a pilot study that suggests benefits for mild-to-moderate insomnia.

Melatonin: because it actually regulates the sleep-wake cycle called the circadian rhythm. It all begins with the onset of darkness which prompts the pineal gland to start producing melatonin, while light causes that production to stop. Melatonin helps synchronize the sleep-wake cycle between night and day and facilitates quality sleep.

Steven Trobiani, MD, Board Certified Neurologist with Northstar Pain Care & Neurological Clinic

Finally, we included 10xPURETM, CTFO’s proprietary delivery technology, to increase bioavailability, getting more of the active ingredient to the destination so that you get more of what you pay for. 10xPURE™ creates a hydrophilic, water-loving liposome with the Phyto-cannabinoid, THC Free hemp oil (CBD/CBDa) to support better quality sleep and reduce stress.

“BRAVO to CTFO, for we now have ALL of the OTC ingredients blended synergistically, using our proprietary 10xPURE™ delivery system and CBDa, in one, non-addictive, non-prescription formulation. Available to anyone!”

Phillip Zinni III, DO, FAOASM, ATC, Chief Medical Officer/Co-Owner

Suggested Usage: Adults take 2 capsules 30 minutes before going to bed. You will begin to experience a calm and relaxing feeling the very first night. Over the next 2-4 days you should feel your prior sleep struggles slipping away. After a few weeks, you should enjoy the benefits of deep restful sleep. Each person’s makeup is different and results and timeline will vary.

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