How to Condition Your Mind for Success 

Yes, I do have a workable system, and I am happy to share it with all who are ready to accept it and put it to work. The system consists of what I am pleased to call my Guiding Princes. There are nine of these invisible servants each of whom has been assigned a definite job to do on my behalf. The combined responsibility of the nine Princes is that of giving me a well-rounded and properly balanced life suited to the carrying out of my major purpose in life, which is that of helping people to take possession of their own minds.

In describing the Princes I will present them in the order that I communicate with them many times daily for the purpose of expressing my gratitude for the services they render me, beginning with—The Prince of Sound Health. It is this Prince’s responsibility to vitalize every individual cell and individual organ of my body and to keep my physical body continually free from unfriendly elements so that I may enjoy perfect health.

It is also the duty of this Prince to give me the wisdom with which to cooperate intelligently in doing my part to keep my body healthy and efficient.

The Prince of Prosperity is charged with the responsibility of keeping me supplied with every material substance I desire or need, including money, from sources where I have earned the right to have these blessings, and it is the responsibility of this Prince to give me the wisdom with which to use wisely all riches of every nature that I may receive.

The Prince of Peace of Mind is charged with the responsibility of keeping my mind free from the causes of fear and worry and of keeping my mind always open and free from intolerance of every nature. This Prince also screens my mind against the encroachment of all thoughts and forces except those which I invite.

The Prince of Hope reveals to me images of the future which inspire and aid me in the daily performance of my duties, and which give me the courage to make beginnings before I can foresee the endings, in my chosen field of labor.

The Prince of Faith keeps the passageway between my mind and Infinite Intelligence constantly open and protects me against the acceptance of unnecessary limitations and negative thoughts in the performance of my duties. This Prince also inspires me to undertake and to successfully complete aims and purposes which many people would regard as impossible of attainment.

The Prince of Love keeps me eternally youthful in both body and mind and relates me to my fellow man in a spirit of understanding which gives me a wide latitude of opportunity to be of service to people of all races and all creeds.

The Prince of Romance makes all of my tasks and activities labor of love and keeps me eternally alerted to the truth that no human experience is ever wasted or lost except by one’s negative mental attitude toward it.

The Prince of Patience gives me the self-discipline I need in order to adjust myself in all my human relationships so that I may deal justly and fairly with everyone under all circumstances. It also keeps me reminded that time and the proper timing of my acts and deeds can solve problems that yield to nothing else.

The Prince of Overall Wisdom keeps the other eight Princes eternally active on my behalf, while I sleep as well as when I am awake, and so relates me to every circumstance which touches my life that I benefit by it whether the circumstance is pleasant or unpleasant. And this Prince reveals to me the seed of an equivalent advantage which exists in connection with every adversity I may encounter.

There you have a description of my little army of invisible servants through whom I avail myself of that profound privilege granted to me by my Creator, to take full possession of my own mind and direct it to ends of my own choice.

Source: Adversity and Advantage by Napoleon Hill
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